The FreeAgent Go is a major step towards making private computing more accessible to everyone. This small black box that takes up less space than a DVD case packs anywhere from 80 to 160 GB worth of memory with no batteries or software needed. This is more than enough to carry all of your class documents and images to any computer with room left over for your MP3s.

More important, FreeAgent Go is actually a drive, meaning that you can run programs directly from it once it’s plugged into a computer. You can surf the web locally on your FreeAgent with the pre-installed Ceego software without any fear of your passwords being stolen once you log off. Likewise, your class work can be done locally so there will be no trace of it on the computer once you unplug the FreeAgent.

The FreeAgent comes with the basic programs – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Outlook Express and Internet Explorer – and boasts several Ceego-friendly programs available for download or purchase. The FreeAgent even runs some games and programs with little or no loss in performance.

Grade: A

Freeagent Go is available at for $80-$120.