An ethereal vibe welcomed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to downtown Los Angeles. The sounds that first emitted from the lobby’s sound system in the sold-out, smoke-filled Mayan were those of old, generating a longing for the new and unseen.

It was dark, but the black lighting that illuminated the dark setting seemed to brighten only what was important, creating an intense mood for the set that followed.

Singer Karen O welcomed her shrieking fans with a toss of her light-catching, silver tinsel boa that heightened the drama of her entrance on stage. The songstress’ words flowed with ease as she slithered around the stage in spandex, seducing fans with contortionist-like moves.

After rocking tracks off their new Is Is EP, the trio surprised fans with a special acoustic version of their long-time hit “Maps.” Accompanying the serenity of O’s voice and the acoustic guitar were the many tiny reflections of a large disco ball scattered amongst the small theater, thus capturing the intimacy of this one-off show and the incredible versatility of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.