When I walked into Verizon, Tom Araya was belting out “God Hates Us All.” I had arrived.

After taking my seat, I was eye to eye with the most dangerous man on the planet with a guitar, Kerry King. He sounded amazing and as tough as your first ass kicking. Half way through the set the stack of speakers transformed into two upside down crosses of Marshall stacks.

The crowd was trying to get going; apparently venues care more about their insurance policy than a pit. But after Slayer finished “Angel of Death,” the crowd went nuts. Live music can move most, but when Slayer is onstage it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

Not to be outdone, Marilyn Manson took the stage in a cloud of fog. From one perfectly smooth song to the next the sound’s intensity grew. Pain was written across this man’s face. He meant every word.

Manson is more of a show than a band. It’s great, but on a very different level than Slayer. This pairing was just a matter of numbers.

If Manson is supposed to be the most evil band ever, who else could possibly play with him?

Take out Slayer. They are only doing one more album after this tour, and then they will say goodbye.

Who will we have left? Slipknot, System of a Down has an album coming out, Rage is back together … and then they aren’t, and then they are. There’s Metallica, God willing, but they are just as old as Slayer.

There is a serious void out there in the rock world; some are starting to heed the call, but they’re very far and few between. It’s like everyone got scared because of 9/11 and made emo the most important thing ever.

It’s OK. Time to come out of your shell, America. The world is crazy, but that just makes music that much more fun.