This season, ponchos are out and fur wraps are in. From plaids to tweeds to bug-eyed sunglasses, it’s hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. Whatever your style may be, trends these days seem to last about as long as J. Lo’s love life, and let’s face it, most of us don’t have the patience or the time to put together an ensemble that "Queer Eye’s" Fab Five would approve of.

In a perfect, style-free world, worn-in jeans or frumpy PJs would be our daily uniform. But who are we kidding? This is Los Angeles. Comfort is often sacrificed in favor of style … until now.

American retailer Royal Robbins has created a versatile fall collection that is not only wearable but comfortable too. Founded in 1968 by Royal and Liz Robbins, the husband and wife tag team set out to create a basic collection to fit their active lifestyle. Unlike other designers who focus primarily on conceptual and experimental designs, Royal Robbins embraces the functional and practical side of fashion. The duo’s designs are familiar and relaxed (think camp counselor meets Eddie Bauer-influenced MacGyver).

Utility inspired women’s fleece jackets have zippered "handwarmer" pockets, while pullovers and hoodies offer ID-sized pockets big enough to fit your credit card and cash.

The women’s Zip ’N’ Go Pant is a great investment for those who want to adjust to their temperature and surroundings. Hidden zippers allow you to transform your pants into knee-length shorts. Lightweight nylon allows for easy and compact storage.

Men’s preppy short sleeved shirts come in plaid and solid colors, doubling as office and outerwear. The light, cotton material provides cool air ventilation for your body and, best of all, it’s wrinkle resistant.

The sporty Windjammer Anorak is one of the smarter looking designs for men who want to look a bit preppy and urban. Soft, bright colors in blue, orange and red stand out, and stand up against harsh weather. Its unique wind- and water-resistant material is an added bonus along with a detachable hood.

Royal Robbins also has a small accessories line. The unisex Coolmax Ultralight Cap makes a great gift for serious cap lovers. This white, logo printed cap has a "detachable neck shield" to block out harmful UV rays and prevent neck burns.

Most items are logical choices for the globetrotting adventure seeker or the busy, no-frills, no-fuss college student. And, unlike some outlandish decorated trend-setting clothes, solid colors and graphic free prints from Royal Robbins are pretty much a guarantee that you won’t be embarrassed to wear these clothes a few years down the line.

The Royal Robbins collection can be found in at least 11 locations throughout Southern California, including Adventure 16 in West Los Angeles, Magellan’s in Santa Monica and Distant Lands Travel in Pasadena.

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