I look to model my already past childhood after Anna (Nina Kervel-Bey), in Julie Gavras’ Blame It on Fidel! Anna is nine-years-old living in France in the midst of all kinds of early ’70s revolution.

With the up-sweep of Communism, the revived crushing weight of imperialism and the emerging spread of birth control, there were plenty of causes to uproot your life for, and Anna’s parents didn’t let any slide. French Marie (Julie Depardieu) and Spanish husband Fernando (Stefano Accorsi) are quick to leave behind their aristocratic roots and take their entire family with them as they join the protest for a new world.

With the parents’ actions as a catalyst for Anna’s reactions, we witness a complete mature transformation in a girl that inspires even the most “mature” adult to reevaluate their attitude. Anna evolves from a disinterest in her parents activities, to resisting their overwhelming absence in her new life, to an eventual empathetic understanding firmly rooted on her own terms.

Grade: A

Blame It on Fidel! releases in select theaters Sept. 14.