Alina Simone is a Ukrainian-born guitarist from Battle Creek, Mich. Placelessness is the second album that she recorded and released. Though Ms. Simone is not a major player yet in the female indie rock scene, she does have a nice fan following.

Simone is more concerned with her message than impressing with music and production. She’s a talented guitarist who sings to inspire the underdog in life. In the opening track, “Velvet Painting,” she tries to express how people around her are running from love and life.

Simone and her fellow musicians create a type of campfire atmosphere. The musicians play a variety of instruments that are not only soft but meaningful and heartfelt.

Although this may not be the type of music that makes you get up and dance, shout, or get wild, Simone will cause you to think about your world.

Grade: B

Placelessness will be available Sept. 18.