There’s nothing like giving yourself a pep talk, especially if the “self” in question happens to be a young band looking to jump onto the fast track to success. It’s pretty obvious that the members of Every Avenue took that route since they spell it out in the lead-off track, “One More Song” from their six-song EP, Ah!

The song is an emo power-pop gem with ringing guitars, a great sing-along chorus and even a brief dip in the ska pool. The high-energy tune uses the “cold ending” technique, ending suddenly and leaving the listener panting for more.

Everything here is nicely suited to mega radio airplay and “Think of You Later (Empty Room)” is set to be one of Every Avenue’s live showstoppers. These guys may think they’re nipping at Fall Out Boy’s heels, but pretty soon they’ll be standing next to them.

Grade: A

Ah! is currently available on iTunes.