Acoustic-pop duo Swivel Chairs maintains an unobtrusive course on The Slow Transmission. Listeners are given time to notice details such as melodious harmony vocals, underlying pedal steel and well-crafted hooks.

The 13 acoustic-driven tracks don’t travel far from classic ’70s AM radio. Jeremy Grites and Jason Brown layer in a sprinkling of antecedents like America, Loggins and Messina and crisp ’90s indie pop (think the Bats), emphasizing synchronized voices, acoustic guitars and songs that run from folksy to retro-pop.

Swivel Chairs don’t refine or update acoustic-pop, but guitar-pop pieces such as “All At Once” have a firm determination, echoed lyrically on ruminative cuts “Let’s Get Down to It” and unassuming “Calloused Hands.”

Grade: B

The Slow Transmission is currently available.