Eclectic string ensemble Kronos Quartet has made a name for itself by exploring non-western musical forms with classical instrumentation. Consisting of two violins (Dan Harrington, John Sherba), a viola (Hank Dutt) and a cello (Jeffrey Zeigler), the group experiments in nearly every genre, including tango, jazz and minimalism.

The band demonstrated its extensive repertoire by playing pieces from India, Iran and other parts of the world. The evening’s highlight was an interpretation of Bollywood legend Rahul Dev Burman’s “Mehbooba, Mehbooba,” a bouncy, accelerating jig that accentuated perfectly Kronos’ ability to string seemingly disparate elements of cacophony into an ascending, syncopated melody.

The quartet was joined by Wu-Man, an internationally renowned pipa virtuoso credited by many as the artist responsible for shedding new light on the pipa, an ancient Chinese instrument similar in sound and shape to the lute. Wu-Man’s Chinese folkloric solo towards the end of the concert had the audience out of their seats and yelping in applause.

The quartet ended with a frenzied and uncanny rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s “Star Spangled Banner.”