New York may hold the title of “the city that never sleeps,” but any true Angelino knows that when it comes to late night partying, working or just hanging out, we’ve got those East Coasters beat by a mile.

However, with sustained wakefulness comes late-night munchies, that stomach-gnawing, I-can’t-think-another-thought-until-I-eat feeling that effectively prevents most things outside of the immediate and caveman-like pursuit of food. Tharg hungry. Tharg on mission.

Unfortunately, this usually involves a lurching trip to the refrigerator, where the remains of dinner from two days ago, stale cereal or maybe that ice cream that you forgot you had await you – not exactly the best pickings.

Of course, there’s always that late-night taco stand you’ve heard rumors about, but those places are fairly hit and miss on the whole “food poisoning” scale. They’re usually the kinds of places you try to avoid unless you’ve got enough alcohol in your system to effectively combat whatever bacteria might be lurking on the rarely washed grill surfaces.

But never fear. We at Campus Circle have found you five excellent choices for late night dining, from the casual to the unique to the hot date night so that, no matter what you’re up to or what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find something to do and eat in Los Angeles.

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