The 1960s were a hotbed of revolution. This elaborate decade spawned the Civil Rights movement, hippie culture and even the Beatles. These wondrous bi-products are brought to the big screen by the wildly talented filmmaker Julie Taymor.

In Across the Universe, Taymor directs a cast of mostly newcomers as scions of the Beatles greatest hits (Evan Rachel Wood plays Lucy, Dana Fuchs is Sadie). The film takes the viewer on a bewildering and emotional journey through the lives of its characters.

The visuals are electrifying and stunning to watch. Taymor certainly hasn’t lost her touch or her eye for framing and composition. She saturates each shot with color, movement and sex appeal.

The music is worth mentioning as well. Each of the actors within this unusual feature is also a gifted vocal talent. Across the Universe’s soundtrack should rate right up there with Grease or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Most important, the movie seems to have gotten one glowing endorsement: Paul McCartney is said to have enjoyed his screening of the film so much that he actually sang along silently as he watched.

Sure, the subject matter here is somewhat worn and overused, but this time around, the presentation is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Grade: B-

Across the Universe is currently in theaters.