Book clubs are the hot new diversion among suburban ladies throughout the U.S. Why, even the great Oprah Winfrey has convinced her minions to pick up tomes that they would otherwise never read in order to be part of a think-tank of literary enthusiasts.

The Jane Austen Book Club takes America’s newest pastime and situates a very endearing movie around it. Prudie (The Devil Wears Prada’s Emily Blunt) is a shy young teacher trapped in a marriage with a meathead; meanwhile, she’s slowly falling in love with one of her students.

Grigg (played by Hugh Dancy of Ella Enchanted) is hot for an older woman (Maria Bello) who barely knows he’s alive. And Allegra (Maggie Grace) can’t seem to find the right girl. Not to mention that she’s forced to move home after the dissolution of her parents’ marriage.

Through all the heartache and confusion, these characters find solace in the works of Jane Austen. They meet, once a month to discuss each of her celebrated novels – only to find that art is imitating life, right before their very eyes.

In the end, each comes to a greater understanding of his or herself by asking the important question, “WWJD?” (What Would Jane Do?)

Grade: A The Jane Austen Book Club releases in theaters Sept. 21.