This Canadian trio has come up with a fun record, and part of the reason is that they take their own advice to keep things on the sunny side. Street Gospels opens with the ominously named “Until We Burn in the Sun,” a tune that finds singer Jay Malinowski sounding a bit stressed, especially when the reggae beat dissolves into a spooky echo as he urgently sings the song’s title.

But “Until We Burn in the Sun” is subtitled “The Kids Just Want a Love Song,” and the band acquiesces to that desire by lightening up for the rest of the album. “Walls Fall Down” is short and sassy and an affirmation to overcoming limitations while “St. Andrews” is, like much of the album, filled with the pure joy of just enjoying life.

And so it goes for 13 solid tunes, including “12:59 Lullaby” which has gotten play on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Grade: A

Street Gospels is currently available.