A lot of music that’s classified as psychedelic uses pushy guitar to define its sound; notes bully their way into the mind and poke at everything they find. The music made by Caribou is a much subtler trip that relies on a layered, balanced sound with psychedelic nuances provided by the airy vocals of Dan Snaith and the likes of well placed bits of melodica and glockenspiel.

“Melody Day” opens with a generous helping of sleigh bell and also uses the flutophone for flavoring; that tune and several others at the top of Andorra tap into the mind-altered style first explored by the late Syd Barrett on early Pink Floyd albums. As Andorra progresses though, another ’60s influence becomes obvious – the Beach Boys.

Caribou by no means makes beach music, but it’s very capable of ladling on the sugar. The arrangement of “She’s the One” sounds like something the Beach Boys could have put on their Holland album; exploring new territory but taking the trademark harmonies along by the truckload. Most of these songs deviate from the standard verse-chorus-verse structure, but when Snaith (more or less) uses that style for “Desiree” the results are stunning.

Grade: A

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