Rootsy singer-songwriter Gerald Collier knows more than enough about heartbreak and misery. That’s the point one acquires from Collier’s odds and ends collection, How Can There Be Another Day?, an assemblage of outtakes, unreleased tracks, cover songs and demos.

Acoustic opener “One Clear Shot” offers one man’s aim for revenge: “One more night/So I can blow your brains out with some words that I like.” The record’s perverse cynicism increases with a countrified version of Leonard Cohen’s “Is This What You Wanted” and a dead-on interpretation of the Rolling Stones’ sharply contradictory electric blues “Jigsaw Puzzle.”

Collier’s originals are dark declamations from a flawed man. During wronged-man ballad “For Taking My Baby Away,” he intones, “I can’t forgive what I can’t forget,” while on country lament “Don’t Discard Me” Collier deplores his own waywardness, “I’d be the first to fall from grace/But don’t discard me on this evidence.”

Grade: B

How Can There Be Another Day? is currently available.