Breakfast with your best friend. Banjo breakdowns and relationship break-ups. Electronic games and daydreaming about being a Boogie Nights-type performer. What do all of these things have in common? Durham, N. C. lo-fi, folk duo Midtown Dickens, an offbeat acoustic project featuring long-time friends and multi-instrumentalists Kym Register and Catherine Edgerton, who write slyly minimalist tunes using guitars, trumpet, piano, trombone and assorted other instruments.

Although the twosome have already experienced the post-graduation, 9-to-5 world, they haven’t yet left the schoolyard and childhood far behind. On Oh Yell! Register and Edgerton harmonize on kid-friendly fare such as play dates (summery “Tambourine”) or playing video games on the sofa (bouncy tribute tune “Tetris”).

There’s also understated darkness that clicks through a few songs, such as porn star wannabe narrative “Big Screen” and country-rocker “Spine.” Oh Yell! has a spontaneous organic vibe well-suited for fans of the Chapin Sisters, Neko Case and the lighter side of the Elephant 6 collective.

Grade: B

Oh Yell! is currently available.