For those who have never heard of the Decemberists, this EP is a pleasant introduction to one of Portland’s finest creations. It’s a disc of one of the band’s songs, “The Perfect Crime #2,” remixed by some of today’s hottest DJs.

Most of Colin Meloy and co.’s music is fun Irish pop at its best, but with these remixes they appeal to the other side of the brain that sometimes just wants to get down and dance. If you’re in a sexy kind of mood, there’s a remix for that (Diplo’s “Doing Time”). If you want the “industrial/house” feel, listen to the Junior Boys remix.

“A Touch of Class Robs the Bank Remix” is completely out of this world. The song is almost completely unrecognizable, but in a fascinating way.

Instead of full lyrics, the remixes play mostly on the chorus, with Meloy lamenting how perfect, perfect, perfect the crime is. While most remixes usually fail the original versions, these are bound to make you want to dance in every way imaginable.

Grade: B+

The Perfect Crime #2 is currently available on iTunes.