Poison Kiss is the debut album from the Last Goodnight, a Connecticut-based band with an energetic sound and catchy lyrics. Somehow from the title alone I expected a heavy metal group producing unrelenting noise, but was instead pleased with the mild melodies.

From the start, I was hooked with the title track having all the resonance of a Maroon 5 hit, followed by “Back Where We Belong,” another Maroon 5 clone. In fact, the Last Goodnight obliviously gets song inspiration from other artists’ radio hits.

On “Push Me Away,” the band borrows blatantly from the Verve Pipe’s “The Freshmen.” However, “If I Talk to God” and “Return to Me” are unique standouts.

Each song is simple in structure yet effective. All the tracks are sweet and meaningful without being syrupy.

Grade: A

Poison Kiss is currently available.