Fans of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” would be wise to give the CW’s “Supernatural” a chance. The series follows two brothers who were raised by a demon-obsessed father as they join the family business.

This season picks up after the demon-hunting trio has just had their car slammed into by a Mack truck and things just seem to go downhill for brothers Sam and Dean Winchester from there.

While this is a network show, viewers would do themselves a disservice by writing it off as watered down for public consumption. The storylines are dark, the kills are bloody, and the characters are nuanced and clever enough that you won’t find too many moments where you’re yelling at them to turn around because some foul beasty is bearing down on them.

The series does a good job of both updating classic mythology and creating its own self-contained world. Much of this season revolves around the brothers’ introduction to the demon hunting community, giving the show’s creators an opportunity to explore the range of characters within a group of loners who live to kill creatures of darkness. Couple this with strong cinematography and clever special effects and this series goes far beyond the “network television” label.

Extras: commentary, deleted scenes, recorded production notes from members of the crew, Jared Padalecki’s original screen test and one of the longest gag reels available on DVD.

Grade: A Supernatural: The Complete Second Season is currently available.