It’s been nearly a decade since Pokemon hit the scene on the original Game Boy, and after countless versions it seems like Nintendo is milking the franchise for all it’s worth. The only problem with that is they’re making these games too addicting!

In “Diamond/Pearl” the allure lies more in the game’s features than in the pocket-sized creatures you encounter. Players can navigate menus and select in-battle attacks from their touch-screens.

The multiplayer capabilities far exceed any previous title. An unlockable underground cavern allows players to explore underneath the towns, mine for jewels, establish a secret base and compete in a capture-the-flag game against other players.

Tap into the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to trade and battle Pokemon with other trainers or compete in a 3D-rendered world with the combined use of “Pokemon Battle Revolution” for the Wii.

If you can get past the played out storyline, you’ll find a game that any Nintendo DS owner should pick up.

Grade: A

“Pokemon Diamond/Pearl” is currently available.