This six-person line-up has violin, accordion, banjo, harmonica and mandolin in their kit-bag, not exactly the kind of gear you’d expect an Anaheim-based band to be toting around. A good deal of First You Live dwells in the south, partially because of the instrumentation but mostly because of Dustin Apodaca’s vocals.

On “Leaving Tennessee,” Apodaca sings in an exaggerated southern accent that brings a thoroughly liquored-up Steve Earle to mind. Andrea Babinski plays the violin in a classical style; the technique adds warmth to the desert chill of “Ghost Trails.”

Themes recur or rebut each other throughout; “Keys to the Truck” is a Stones-ified gospel addendum to the hillbilly of “Leaving Tennessee” while “Then You Pass” looks at the flipside of the title cut. Fans of the Drive-By Truckers will find lots to like in this one.

Grade: A

First You Live will be available Oct. 9.