What do you get when you mix a video game company that can’t stop milking a franchise and an animation company that can’t stop milking a franchise? “Dynasty Warriors: Gundam,” of course! The anime space opera Gundam has gotten the epic hack-and-slash “Dynasty Warriors” treatment with a title as original as the game itself.

It’s very easy to decide whether this game is right for you. If you are a fan of the Gundam anime series, you’ll love the inclusion of tons of mobile suits from across every series and a scattershot retelling of some of the storylines. If you are a fan of “Dynasty Warriors,” you’ll love carving your way through 700-plus enemies in each stage with both sword and laser.

If, however, trudging your way through stage after stage of constant enemies and worthless allies only to be rewarded by poorly voice-acted and vaguely recapped storylines filled with angsty robot pilots doesn’t seem like hours of fun, you’ll find this game tedious by the second stage.

Still, if you want an anime-inspired, mindless button masher to let out your aggression, this may be a good buy.

Grade: B- “Dynasty Warriors: Gundam” is currently available.