Traditionally, I’m opposed to anyone who refers to himself as "The [Anything]." Other than "The Dude," from The Big Lebowski, I find "The (fill in the blank)" incredibly pretentious and on the verge of masturbatory.

"The Pizz" is no exception. Currently appearing at La Luz De Jesus (until his requisite bi-montly re-appearance), The Pizz is known in non-neurotic-about-the-use-of "The" circles for his trademark cartoon style that ironically approaches non-cartoon subjects.

Any doubt of this is erased with the exhibition’s title: The Idiots Abroad: Welcome to the Cartoon Brut Landscape. The Pizz himself can be seen committing such brutish acts as transforming a Cadillac into a home drive-in theatre and a coffin into a refrigerator on the Discovery Channel’s "How to Monsterize Anything."

Personal prejudice over definite articles aside, The Pizz is the ocular equivalent of Pez – his paintings are cute, they use eye-popping colors and are somewhat subversive (you break their necks to get candy).

At his best, as in "A Cheap Holiday in Other People’s Misery," The Pizz suggests an entire epic comic book with a snapshot panel. Here, a cute-as-a-button cyclops alien jetpacks over the decayed ruins of some inner city making you yearn to see the slideshow of her entire vacation. If The Pizz ever completes the slideshow, he may just earn the "The."

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