Take Action! Volume 04 is an easy way to familiarize yourself with lesser-known musicians, with the vast majority of the acts culled from indie labels like Jade Tree, Fearless and Saddle Creek. This two-disc compilation, which retails for about $6, benefits the National Hopeline Network (1 (800) SUICIDE).

Take Action! is also an illustration of the "less would have been more" credo, because at 41 tracks, it’s equal parts wonderful and forgettable.

Disc one begins with Andrew W.K.’s "P.S.A." and a jolt from the always dependable NOFX, peaking halfway through with Against Me!’s lovely, mid-tempo "You Look Like I Need a Drink" and declining delicately via Murder By Death’s glittering, string-filled "Canyon Inn, Room 16."

The compilation, however, then devolves into one unimaginative scream-pop-punk song after another, until Go Betty Go’s "C’Mon" – which at that point is likely to startle you out of your socks with its beauty.

Disc two gets remarkable right in the middle, with Kaddisfly’s meandering "Midnight in Shanghai," and continues to delight with the genius instrumentation and pop sensibility of Now It’s Overhead, the brightest spot on the entire compilation.

Grade: B