Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Eric Mellgren, who uses the alias Shotgun Honeymoon, is one of the many locals plying heart-on-the-sleeve tunes at acoustic-friendly venues like Genghis Cohen. Mellgren’s debut, Forgone Conclusion, follows the template of influences such as Dave Matthews, Jakob Dylan and likeminded acoustic-grounded pop artists.

Shotgun Honeymoon’s songs are damaged relationship and broken personality narratives. Twisting through the 10 tracks are disquieting topics such as depression (“Beautiful Suicide”), circling melancholy (“Carousel”), loss (“I’m on This”) and so on.

The pensive lyrics, coupled with the disconsolate, contemporary soft-rock arrangements, give Forgone Conclusion a downbeat demeanor that may prove too nakedly personal for some. This is the kind of material that Dashboard Confessional or Elliott Smith fans appreciate, so Mellgren’s soul-scorched compositions might also find a supportive fanbase at the Hotel Café or similar L.A. locales.

Grade: B

Forgone Conclusion is currently available.