Beverly Hills has its fair share of elite stores catering to A-list celebrities, industry heavyweights and even some ladies whose idea of "lunch" is shopping. But how many stores are there that make you look and feel like a rock star?

Punkture, an ultra hip clothing boutique for men and women is a punk lover’s paradise. Originally called Star 55, Punkture was created by siblings Rebecca and Anthony Marciano (children to the Guess franchise Marciano family). Friend and buyer Nicole Rye joined the design team in 2004.

Entering the business world of fashion and design was a natural and obvious choice for French born Rebecca Marciano.

"I’ve grown up knowing the fashion industry inside and out and meeting a lot of people, so I think that definitely has a lot to do with it. It’s just something that I know," says Marciano.

That same confidence helped the Marcianos capitalize on the Von Dutch label craze in late 2002. The siblings transformed their Star 55 boutique into an official Von Dutch store in early 2003, right around the time when the signature Von Dutch trucker caps became the must-have accessory. In 2004, the Marcianos jumped off the Von Dutch bandwagon and opened up their own store, Punkture.

"It (Von Dutch) did well. It did extremely well. But it was just too over saturated. We knew that it was going to hit the tide, but then you knew it was also going to fall flat on its face at the same time. It’s one of those things where you look for a long lasting brand," says Rye.

Revamping the store also meant emerging with a fresh new line of merchandise. The trio began stocking up on luxurious cashmere tops and silk printed Asian tees from A&G, concert-inspired, obnoxious shirts from Morphine Generation and form-fitting jeans from Joe’s Premium Denim.

"It’s hip. It’s young. It’s fun. It’s for a cool crowd who loves and knows fashion," says Rye.

A loyal customer base and celebrity fans such as actor Nicholas Cage and singer Brandy have also inspired the trio to design their own line of clothing.

"It’s basically like basics, but with great fits and high-end fabrics. Lots of embellishments and different kinds of trends," says Marciano.

Although the line is still in its hush-hush stage, prospective buyers are already showing interest. Marciano said her family’s famous name may be one reason why people have faith in her collection.

"As far as it kind of having to be good, it kind of puts pressure on me," says Marciano.

But living up to her family name and the expectation to succeed is something that Marciano knows she must face throughout her fashion career.

"That’s who I am. That’s where I come from and there’s nothing that I or anybody can do about that," says Marciano.

Punkture’s full line of original designs featuring essential tops, jeans and miniskirts will make its debut in two months.

Punkture is open Mon.-Sat. from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. For more information, visit