After years of planning, Pam Leelayuwapan has created a thriving online clothing store powered by her personal vision and ambition. Her site,, offers various California designs not commonly found in major department stores.

Only 26-years-old, Leelayuwapan is the sole owner of this business, handling all functions from marketing and order processing to buying and Web site updates.

When she was just a student at USC, Leelayuwapan realized how challenging shopping was for the immobile college student. Without a car, there were very limited options for clothing purchases near campus, particularly if the student sought fashions aside from those available in large department stores. She also wanted to provide an outlet for California designers to showcase their ideas.

When the store launched in December 2005, Leelayuwapan faced several challenges. As a recent college graduate, it was difficult to forego the consistency and reliability of a steady paycheck, benefits and 401K for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship. Relating to her peers has also become a challenge, as some are unable to understand the responsibilities and time involved in owning a business.

However, Leelayuwapan has also had the opportunity to become much closer with her parents through this endeavor. Her parents previously owned their own restaurant and now own an aquarium store. They have provided continuous support and advice that has proven invaluable in both the business operations as well as their personal family relationship.

Leelayuwapan describes the development of her business with great enthusiasm: “For the first time in my life, I’m actually doing something I want to be doing.”

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