Reviewing “Halo 3” is a bit like reviewing puppies – nothing you say will change anyone’s mind. In fact, considering the overwhelming sales and the advertising blitz Microsoft has put out, it’s likely that most people reading this who like first person shooters already own it.

For those still on the fence with “Halo 3,” rest assured that it’s a beautiful, action-packed FPS with the requisite array of killing implements and explosions. The enemy AI does offer a challenge as they will retreat to cover if they feel outgunned and will often coordinate multi-flanked attacks on those foolish enough to charge in without a plan.

Be warned, “Halo 3” is not an entry point into the series for the uninitiated. There are no subtle character introductions or tutorials in this game.

They won’t even tell you what the strange alien weapons do, as they are pretty much all carry-overs from the previous installments. Still, newcomers have at least a modest-length single player mode to figure the game out before joining the universal bloodbath in online play.

Grade: A

“Halo 3” is currently available.