Los Angeles is a city that thrives on advertising. From the side of public transportation to the face of street benches, to the walls of buildings and the billboards perched high in the sky, everyone’s got something to sell. It can be overwhelming at times, especially when we’ve seen and heard it all before: the catchy slogans, the witty and sometimes ironic quips, the subtle and not so subtle old adages.

The same goes with all the bar and club advertisements we’re bombarded with whenever we go to a bar or club and are handed countless fliers by countless promoters advertising another party at another bar or club on another night. Or even all across the windshield of our cars: more fliers, more advertising. That’s what makes Funkmosphere at Carbon every Monday night so amazing.

I heard of it through word of mouth, which most times is the best kind of advertising. After I saw and heard it for myself, I had to spread the word.

DJ Dam-One spreads the funk, disco and old wave soul as you relax in Carbon’s unassuming atmosphere. You can chill on one of the leather couches or at the bar – if you can hold back from getting down and shaking your groove on the small but friendly dance floor.

Every Monday is like a holiday here, only these aren’t the usual Hollywood Halloween club characters; these are people who want to dance and have a good time instead of being concerned with playing different roles in different trendy costumes.

These are real people listening to real good music with nothing to sell or buy except for a drink or two. On Monday nights, this is the funky toast of the town.

Carbon is located at 9300 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles. For more information, visit www.carbonla.com.