“It literally began with an epiphany one night in my sleep,” says the Suit Closet’s founder and owner Vani Kumar.

“This was not going to be just another store,” she continues. “This was going to be a revolutionary concept.”

Los Angeles’ the Suit Closet has been providing women of all types with suits since October 2006. It carries more than 1,200 name brands in various styles including skirt and pant suits.

Kumar started as a young UC Irvine student with a passion to make it big doing something she loved, and with a stroke of luck, her wildest dreams came true. In April 2006, while on vacation with her parents in Las Vegas, Kumar sat down to play a slot machine, and before she knew it three wild cards appeared on her slot’s screen – and she was $286,665 richer.

Powered by her amazing win in the Sin City and a business plan already prepared, she could turn her dream into a reality.

“Not am I only doing something that I love,” she says, “but I’m catering to women who will make a difference in the world.”

Today, on the corner of 23rd Street and South Figueroa stands a one-stop shop for women looking to acquire suits for all occasions. Kumar planted her concept in Los Angeles, a place she believed had little or no competition for a store like hers.

“L.A. is still up ’n’ coming,” she explains. “The chances of me meeting my success and beating my competition are much higher here.”

What’s more, the store suited for women plans to expand into Orange County.

“When you start a business, you and the business are really close,” she says. “But then it begins to take a life of its own.”

The Suit Closet is located at 2296 S. Figueroa St. in Los Angeles. For more information, call (213) 747-2829 or visit www.thesuitcloset.com.