When concertgoers walked into the Orpheum, it was clear that the night would be special. It was a seated show (which felt kind of strange to those of us who have been to PJ Harvey’s more mosh-able performances), and on the stage there were no drums. Instead there were three areas, each with its own microphone. One was by an upright piano, one by two guitar amps and a pedal board and one by a synthesizer and drum machine.

The instrumentation kept it extremely interesting; every song had a different sonic palette. She played “Down by the Water” on lap harp with a foot synth as backup, used a metronome on “The Devil” and harmonica on “White Chalk.”

When she picked up a drumstick for the cymbal crashes in “My Beautiful Leah” it was charming. The highlight was her “Lick my legs, I’m on fire” at the end of “Rid of Me” – one of many songs that received a standing ovation.

Harvey had all eating out of the palm of her hand – just her, by herself.