The alarm goes off, and you roll over in bed still half asleep. What was that dream I was just having?

Slipstream is like this dream. With clips and storylines dislocated and unrelated, the film makes no sense.

As his debut as a writer and director in the independent filmmaking scene, Anthony Hopkins creates a film using a stream of conscious style of story telling. In his director’s notes, Hopkins explains that he uses this movie as a metaphor for life itself.

He asks: Is it all a dream?


The film will certainly leave the viewer to decide.

Starring Hopkins, Christian Slater, Stella Arroyave, John Turturro and Michael Clark Duncan (among others), the characters fall in and out of their roles, so as it’s hard to tell what’s reality and what’s fiction. The cast works very well together, and there are some realistic and laugh-out-loud scenes about life in Hollywood.

Slipstream will have a cult following, but most people won’t get it. Hopkins does break the rules in a Vanilla Sky sort of way, but unfortunately, he doesn’t succeed as well as Cameron Crowe.

Grade: C-

Slipstream releases in select theaters Oct. 26.