Jetlagged from the trip to Birmingham, England, Avenged Sevenfold drummer the Rev still takes time out of his busy schedule to update Campus Circle on all the happenings of the band. Having recently listened to their soon-to-be-released self-titled CD, I had questions about their new tunes, the tour and the future.

“Pretty much everything is different,” says the Rev. “We self-produced it. We made everything a lot heavier, and most of the stuff is slowed down. We experimented a lot, brought in a lot more instrumental elements.”

According to an A7X press release, the guys have even found some influence in country and hip-hop.

“We take influence from everything,” says Rev, “anything that strikes us as good music, that sticks in your head and influences you at some point down the line. We worked with some of the people from Oingo Boingo on the album, and that’s always been a big influence of mine. That band has always been one of my favorite bands.

“Every time we release an album it’s completely different from the last one. Like Marilyn Manson said, ‘As an artist you gotta go, or you die.’”

The ninth track on the new disc, “A Little Piece of Heaven,” has a completely unique feel, with what sounds like some musical theater influences.

“We wanted to do a separate release for Halloween, and we ended up liking the song so much that we put it as a feature track on the main album,” he explains. “That sounds like a completely different band. It’s us playing fuckin’ Halloween music pretty much.”

The new album utilizes a more simple form of music theory than the band’s previous City of Evil.

“We stuck to certain themes for every song,” the Rev tells. “City of Evil seemed, at times, like each track was two different songs thrown together. But there’s still some crazy technical shit goin’ on.”

As of late, A7X has been very busy.

“We spend most of our time writing, off the road,” the Rev says. “Writing to me is going skydiving and then going to a bar and passing out on my floor and waking up thinking of a riff in my head and writing it down. It could be doing anything, or it could be just sitting around with the guys and working on a bunch of riffs that we have put together.

“We make sure we have a good life while we’re doing everything. I’m definitely excited to be back on the road ‘cause we get itchy at home. We can’t stay in the same place for too long.”

With all those nights on the road, does the Rev have a favorite tour story? “Umm … might as well … go with last night we had some …. um …. No, I don’t have a favorite tour story.”

While I had trouble digging out what happened last night, the Rev did say his favorite tour story happened on 6/6/06.

“It was the first time we opened for Metallica in Berlin, and we were hanging out with them, having drinks and kicking back. We got to play a cover song with them, a cover of a Ramones’ song onstage with them. That was a dream come true. I never thought I’d be opening up for them. Never thought I’d be in Germany, either.”

Then just for fun I mention Alice Cooper turning into a Jesus-fanatic of late and wait for his reaction.

“Well, maybe he just wants to get some little boys under his robe. You should definitely print that. But also print that I’m just kidding, and I’m a big fan of his. ‘Poison’ is one of my favorite songs. We actually ran into him while recording Waking The Fallen, and he was a really cool guy.”

The Rev’s final words are for his fans: “We love ya and can’t wait to see ya up close again. Been too long.”

See that?

Avenged is sweet!

Avenged Sevenfold will be available Oct. 30. The band will perform Oct. 29 at the Wiltern. For more information, visit