Samus Aran is back from the DS and gunning her way onto the Wii in “Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.” The third installment of the “Prime” series finds Samus and her Hunter pals ambushed by the Phazon-fuelled Dark Samus and pumped full of the dark radiation, giving them new powers but, as the title implies, corrupting them in the process.

Fans of the intergalactic femme fatale will have quite a bit to love with the Wii incarnation. The graphics are diverse as you fly from planet to planet, hunting down various monsters.

The game also makes good use of the Wii’s controllers, from simple tasks like turning the controller to activate levers to more intense actions like pulling back the Nunchuk controller quickly to rip off an enemy’s shield. That said, the controls can be a bit rough starting out as Nintendo has not yet decided on a uniform FPS control scheme.

Grade: A-

“Metroid Prime 3: Corruption” is currently available.