The biggest problem that Dethklok face is their reputation. They’re the most brutal thing involving metal in a long history of brutal things involving metal, the 12th largest economy and the world’s greatest cultural force.

Hell, Dethalbum will sell so many copies that they’ll have to make up a new number just to describe it. How could the music possibly meet such high expectations?

Well, the band cleverly sidesteps that challenge with a compilation of songs only heard on their Adult Swim reality show, “Metalocalypse,” material from their 16 unreleased albums and re-recordings of their classics. Tunes like “Awaken,” “Fansong,” and “Thunderhorse” rock just as hard outside of the show. The best is a malevolently catchy new track, though, “Hatredcopter,” which features some inspired shredding from Skwisgaar Skwigelf.

Since this isn’t a proper full-length, the production and sequencing are less than perfect. However, Dethklok earn their beer money once more.

Grade: B +

The Dethalbum is currently available.