This band from London’s West End delivers with passion whether they’re singing about relationships (“I Shall Overcome,” “Tonight”) or opining about society’s ills, but it’s with the latter subject that they seem to be the most comfortable. Maybe it’s because singing about general malaise is less personal than opening up for a love song; for whatever reason singer Richard Archer seems more at home giving a good dressing-down as he does with “Suburban Knights.”

With a line like “Not everybody wants to race/Wants to fight,” Archer may seem to be defending apathetic youth but really he’s scolding them for getting numb on drugs when their world is succumbing to things like global terrorism. Not quite as pithy as a Clash song but “Suburban Knights” echoes that band’s oft-stated message of “get off yer ass and do something.”

Archer also has fun with “Television,” taking a poke at those who choose to replace human intimacy with a boob tube love affair.

Grade: B

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