“Won’t be 17 forever/And we can get away with this tonight.” Those wise words form the chorus of “Seventeen Forever” and push along a great radio-ready, should-be hit that recalls ’80s hitmakers like the Cars and the Outfield.

The Cars seem to be a big influence on the songwriting here overall; “Shake It” with its sing-along chorus and popping dance beat would no doubt get a big smile out of Ric Ocasek. The sentiment of “Seventeen Forever” is thrown out the window for “Wish We Were Older,” another song laden with hooks, this time done in the style of the Fixx.

Almost every song here deserves mass exposure: “California” is an anthem in waiting, “Tell Me What to Do” has a fun and funky bass and beats mix complementing perfect pop, and “Disco” grabs both the feet and the ears with an irresistible riff.

Grade: A

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