In due time, Office will prove to be a dream for any music director providing tunes for primetime TV comedies and dramas, perhaps “House” or “Lost.” With their new release A Night at the Ritz, the Chicago-based quintet mixes sugary pop with gritty guitars and razor-sharp keyboards to produce a highly marketable, infectiously catchy indie pop vibe. A bit Local H and a tad the Cardigans, Office blends a very ’90s alternative rock feel with modern indie rock melodies.

The flow of the album is almost perfect, one track too long, however, as the pop-infused, keyboard-laced gems – the opening track “Oh My,” “Wound Up” and “The Big Bang Jump!” – are balanced with the heavier and guitar-driven “The Ritz” and “Had a Visit.”

Keeping an overall upbeat tempo throughout, A Night surprisingly ends with the acoustic “Suburban Perfume,” which stands out much more than the other songs but does not necessarily fit the flavor of the album. The song has potential, but it will undoubtedly be drowned out by the other electric jams.

Grade: B

A Night at the Ritz is currently available.