Park offers a cross-section of society turned on its ear with this glimpse into the crazy lives of a group of quirky people who all happen to converge in a remote city park one day at lunchtime. However, this day’s events serve as a chrysalis through which everyone is transformed.

A suicide is foiled and a tyrant is softened. A marriage crumbles and a new love blooms. Friendships grow as facades fall. Old habits die and new doors open.

Writer/director Kurt Voelker’s plot has sex, love, suicide, pot and sushi; nudity, adultery, felony, lesbians and dog grooming! Somehow it works. Though they arrive in separate small groups, the zany cast of characters intermingle and their bizarre storylines overlap in a dance of wit and hilarity.

Park was fun to watch. It’s well done and refreshingly different. It made me forget about my own crazy life for about 86 minutes.

Grade: A-

Park releases in select theaters Nov. 2.