Ready for a vampire rampage through a frozen town that has 30 days without a sunrise? Forget 30 Days of Night. I’m talking about the 2006 Swedish teen gorefest, Frostbitten. Thanks to a convoluted and sometimes inexplicable string of events, a new breed of vampires is born in a small Swedish town where the month-long night is just about to start.

Plot problems aside, this blood-drenched bit of cheese has two very strong things going for it. First, the emergence and ferocity of the vampires are very unique and often rich in that gore-fuelled catharsis one hopes for from a horror film. More than that, though, is the quirky sense of humor that courses through the veins of the film, giving it a life beyond the walking death of so many other vampire films without overshadowing the serious elements.

The DVD offers some bloopers and understandably deleted scenes, but the making-of is the brightest patch of sunlight, illuminating the unique task of making Sweden’s first vampire film.

Grade: B-

Frostbitten is currently available.