“Project Runway’s” third season, like the two before, proved entertaining, catty and satisfying – good for fashionistas and laymen alike. Working from an excellent pool – both talent and personality-wise – the reality show lets the designs speak for themselves, and in turn lets everyone feel like a judge of fashion and style.

Unlike other Bravo shows like “Top Chef,” where you can only imagine the food tastes good, fashion works perfectly for television where the design challenges can be executed in a relatively short amount of time and then presented on the catwalk. And unlike other shows, like “America’s Next Top Model,” where talent sometimes seems negligible, “Runway” allows the designer’s talent to shine.

Anchored by the erudite and honest Tim Gunn and the beautiful supermodel Heidi Klum, the tone of the show teeters from sincere to hysterical and back again. It turns out aspiring fashion designers, both gay and straight, are a generally witty, insane and interesting bunch.

From the oddballs, like Vincent Libretti, to the true talents, like Jeffrey Sebelia and Mychael Knight, “Project Runway’s” third season provides plenty to watch, laugh at and gossip about. Each week’s challenge, more bizarre or clever than the last, provides enough ammunition to keep the wannabees scratching their heads and biting their nails.

Some weeks even play like thrillers with the audience wondering who will finish in time and will the outfit hold together or fall right off the model? Challenges like “Waste Not Want Not” have the contestants basically making couture out of trash while “Iconic Statement” gave the designers a chance to recreate the style of a famous, stylish celebrity.

Extras: WEAR Are They Now?, WEAR Was He Then?: Tim Gunn, “Making It Work;” Gunn’s Season 3 blog, outtakes.

Grade: A

Project Runway: Season Three will be available Nov. 6.