Proph doesn’t expect everyone to like his new album. He admits that The Refinement is “not for everyone.”

By “everyone,” he means any person who likes run-of-the-mill, product-based music that dominates the hip-hop scene today. However, if you are into more mature, intellectual and positive hip-hop, then The Refinement is your album.

Gabfest is Proph and the Stunt. Proud to be independent, the producer-writer team embraces topics they believe most creative circles avoid.

Instead of rapping about platinum jewelry, cars, women and money, Proph and the Stunt proclaim their lyrics are “refined” – positive, but not preachy, focusing on old-school emceeing and beats. The duo defines their sound as “feel good music,” representing the state of mind needed to listen to the album, since the vibe can switch from hardcore lyricism to “extraordinarily lighthearted wordplay where a comedic atmosphere is the result.”

The subject matter of The Refinement, which features Kool Keith, ranges from UFOs and the art of stalking to government conspiracies, environmental issues and poking fun at celebrities and “phony gangster rappers” – all issues that are artistically represented on the album cover.

Proph, who says he named the group after coming across the word “gabfest” in the dictionary, says The Refinement is ultimately a soulful album with a futuristic twist. There is no “coastal” flavor to the album, meaning that fans on both east and west coasts (and everywhere in between) can enjoy the album.

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