Take an iconic band like Guns N’ Roses, have a bunch of upstarts cover their songs, and you have a surefire way to weed out the good from the bad. Unfortunately, this tribute to the hair metal poster boys is more miss than hit.

The songs shining brightest are 18 Visions’ "Paradise City" and Break the Silence’s "Nightrain." Both bands’ versions stay truest to the originals, yet neither band shies away from making the songs their own with hardcore vocals and punk guitars scattered throughout, creating the only edgy covers that can still be sung along to.

Bands like Zombie Apocalypse and Most Precious Blood, on the other hand, do not share Guns N’ Roses’ artistic vision. The butchered covers these bands take part in are neither inspiring nor creative, making the bands come off as trying much too hard to be gritty and raw.

The biggest problem with Bring You to Your Knees is that it lacks seasoned bands, with many taking too much artistic license. These bands are lucky that there are a few very well done gems on the album to make up for the dismal quality of their own covers.

Grade: C