It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping, and with the emergence of Argus’ DC1730 on the market, you can look like you spent a lot while spending about $50. As one of the first models in this price range to come with flash and a built-in color LCD screen, the DC1730 can easily be used as a point-and-shoot camera. Or, by using the built-in PC camera functions, you can even videoconference over the Internet and chat face-to-face online with friends.

Not only is the camera’s price appealing, but with an automatic power-off feature it’s also very convenient for the busy student and those on the go. Since it runs on two AA batteries, you don’t have to worry about buying expensive rechargeable digital batteries or be inconvenienced by the time it takes to recharge them.

The camera’s design is sleek and lightweight, making it perfectly sized to slip into your pocket before running off to snap photos at the big game or your favorite band’s concert. And just because the DC1730 is tiny doesn’t mean it isn’t mighty in memory. You can save up to 117 images using its 8MB of internal memory. Photos can be uploaded in a matter of minutes by connecting the camera to your PC with the included USB cable with the press of one button.

The camera also comes with a printed quick user guide, an easy to understand user’s manual on CD, and software that allows you to add effects and text to photos. You can also create banners, calendars and even greeting cards with your images! Not only is the DC1730 an affordable little stocking-stuffer, but if you get one for yourself, you could wind up saving some more bucks and time on a trip to the Hallmark store.

The Argus DC1730 can be purchased at Wal-Mart retail stores. For more information, visit