Imagine TiVo on your computer instead of on your TV set, and without the pesky continuing subscription fees. Imagine no longer – with the AVerMedia UltraTV USB 300 you can turn your PC into a TV/PVR.

If you’re like most college students, you live in a fast-paced environment, trying to balance classes, part-time jobs and a social life, barely making enough time to catch your favorite TV shows on a regular basis. With the AVerMedia Hi-Speed USB 2.0 TV Tuner Device, you can come home to that season premiere episode that everybody’s been talking about and still get your homework done in the process.

All it takes is multitasking at your computer. Using the AVerMedia UltraTV device, videos can play on the same screen as all of your other applications. Do research for a project, chat on Instant Messenger and simultaneously see who gets kicked off "The Apprentice" – there’s no longer any excuse not to do them all.

The AVerMedia UltraTV USB 300 can be purchased at CompUSA and Office Max stores. For more information, visit