Built By Snow is a band that’s not quite ready for its close-up. The group is based in Austin, Texas – a city that runs deep with talent. The college town is known for being liberal with unknown artists; if you can’t find any ears here you probably won’t find them anywhere.

That being said, it’s hard to imagine Built By Snow garnering much of an audience beyond a few drunken frat boys, at least based on the material that appears on this EP. Noise contains seven songs that rehash ideas explored long ago by groups like Devo and the Cars, but the mimicry lacks the quirkiness or charm that those two bands displayed.

There are brief moments of creative cohesiveness. If these guys are happy just to play keggers for a few years they’re doing a great job. If they want careers in the business or the respect of their fellow musicians they really need to get to work.

Grade: C

Noise is currently available.