A funny T-shirt can be a great conversation starter. A really funny T-shirt might get you a date.

If this easy pick-up strategy sounds interesting, then there’s a new line of naughty apparel for you. PFF Entertainment has just launched a new line of apparel (T-shirts, lingerie and baby clothes) based on their adult party game, PervArtistry. The clothing depicts popular PervArtistry terms, like “hot chick,” “naughty,” “well hung,” “spongeworthy,” “eye candy,” “chick magnet” and “boy toy.”

What makes these shirts different from, say Sik World T-shirts that actually spell out ‘chick magnet’ is that, like the game, the T-shirts have the symbols for the words. So when you’re walking down the street to your favorite pick-up joint, it’s not obvious that your T-shirt says “well hung.” But of course, the people looking at you can probably figure out what it means if they look long and hard enough.

I wore one of their shirts out for a night on the town, and it did garner attention. I decided to sample the “boy toy” shirt.

This created confusion in that the picture of the toy, which was a top, had people thinking the T-shirt said “boy top” or “man top,” instead of “boy toy.” Oh well, six of this, a half-dozen of another. Like I said, the shirts are great conversation starters, and isn’t that usually the hardest part of meeting people?

For more information, visit www.pervartistry.com.