The flyer states its mission plain and simple: “The funkiest, dirtiest, rawest dancefloor filling love making sounds by the pound!” With a focus on music, culture and style, Marv Mack throws the Westside Soul Club once a month.

Every second Saturday at the Cock ’N’ Bull Pub, Mack can be found along with other mods, hipsters, punk rockers, rude boys, soul lovers and everyday people who want to hear timeless tunes. 1960s soul, ska and vintage reggae fill the room as people dance with the greatest of ease, with no pretentious posturing.

From Prince Buster to the Flirtations, there’s no tired hip-hop heard here. These are classics cuts by local DJs from across the state as well as across the pond.

Soulside not only has special guest selectors from the U.K, it also features an impressive who’s who in music. On any given night, Angelo from Fishbone, Alex from Hepcat, Jamie from Lostprophets or members from the Skeletones or the Aggrolites might pop in.

Soulside is the only club on the West Side that spins all 45 records, which is a feat in itself. With the number of scooters parked out front, and the amount of Ben Sherman Polo Shirts, Porkpie hats and Doc Martins inside, the fashion conscious people would rather jump on their scooters than on any bandwagon, fashion-wise or musically.

This is the real deal, and it doesn’t matter what anyone is wearing or who they are, as long as they appreciate the music.

“Everyone dances to the same beat here,” says Mack.

And it’s true. This is true love – from the soul.

Cock ’N’ Bull Pub is located at 2947 Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica. For more information, visit