If you’re the type of person who buys a new pair of sunglasses every month because you have either sat on, scratched, bent or lost the pair you bought last month, buying a good quality, higher priced pair is probably not the best idea. But for the rest of us, Révo, Ray-Ban and Killer Loop sunglasses are all good options for a durable and stylish pair of shades.

Révo has many features within its 12-layer lens coating. The H2O polarized filter is one, which keeps glare and reflections on surfaces like water, sand and snow to a minimum. This is an ideal pair of glasses for the active individual.

Ray-Bans are simply cool. With style titles like "Predator," "Highstreet" and "Aviator," you can be sure you’ll feel confident and just a bit cocky wearing a pair of these babies.

Killer Loop Eyewear prides itself on their hip and trendy designs. Self-described as "avant-garde" and "fabulous," these are for the more eccentric, fun loving types who just want to party and look damn good doing it.

For more information about these products, visit www.revo.com, www.rayban.com and www.killerloopeyewear.com.