Who let the Kings out; who, who? The S-Curve label may be best known for having kicked the kennel doors in with the Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out?” or for being the folks who broke Joss Stone. The label has been out of commission for a couple years now, but they’re back and expecting big things from their latest signing, the Florida-based We the Kings.

The band is young, plays emo, and of course, likes to sing about girls. They have some pretty good hooks too, and they don’t waste any time getting to them; the album leads off with the yearning “Secret Valentine,” a soaring ode to unrequited love. The power-pop of “Check Yes Juliet” is similar in musical style and lyrical hopefulness while the standout track “Stay Young” borrows heavily from the Lostprophets’ “Last Train Home.”

Album closer “This Is Our Town” drops the high-energy formula in favor of quiet piano and a somber last lyric: “I hope you’ll be there when I return.”

Grade: B

We the Kings is currently available.